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About Us

We have been assisting our clients with all kinds of Immigration and Nationality related issues since 1989. We are regulated by the OISC (Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner) to practice at the specialist level. We are also members of ILPA and JCWI.


During this period, we have successfully dealt with well over 10,000 cases involving all areas of Immigration law. We are qualified and experienced to resolve complex immigration cases.

The UK Immigration Rules and Regulation are very complexed and an ordinary person would not be able to understand them. Since 2002, there is a  fee for every application and it is in thousands of pounds. The application lodged without seeking professional assistance could be rejected and this may result in loss of money. Consequently you may become overstayer which can result in deportation and removal from UK.

The Home office is not an advising agency and they do not advise clients about their immigration matters. They can only provide general immigration regarding Immigration Rules. Any contact made with the Home office without being completely certain about your intentions can have negative impact upon your future application. As the full record will be kept by the Home Office, which could be used to determine your future application, therefore, we strongly advise you to first be completely sure about your intentions and after seeking professional assistance, only then contact the Home Office.


As stated above, that we have been in this field for decades and have experience of dealing with thousands of cases hence we could assist you in making your application for either Entry Clearance, Leave to Remain in any Immigration category or Nationality applications.

We would also like to advise you that before choosing any Immigration Specialist to assist you. First make sure whether He/she is qualified and experienced to deal with your matter.

We are pleased to confirm that we meet the above creiteria. We have qualified and professional team of Immigration Consultants to give you peace of mind.


Our fees are very competitive and we only take fees when we decide to take up your case.


Our Initial consultation at our office is completely free.  

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